Sarah  Family member since early 2007!




Office Manager







                     Licensed Technicians


Michelle Staffer since early 2010!

Vicki This farmer came aboard Spring 2014! Featured with Libby and Brielle.

Emily  & Venus Joined our family Spring 2015!










                       Veterinary Assistants


Renee Longest staff member..since 2000!

Dalene  with Luna and Spyder!  This smile has been with us for many seasons…Fall 2006!



Kayla Joined us fall 2010!  Cooper a few years later!


Jessica and Kameron joined our flock summer 2017!

Mikaela Never met a dog she
didn’t love…loving dogs and us
since summer of 2017!


Cheliana  Cat-loving crew- member
since summer of 2013!



Melissa Our receptionist extraordinaire… since fall of 2008!



Amanda  A friendly smile…since spring 2016!







                                                                                              Stacey  Fresh face to greet you!  since spring 2018!




                    Kennel Staff



Pam This lab lover joined our pack Fall of 2013.









DEVYN  This dog mom joined us summer 2018!